Wednesday 9 April 2014


Michael Wolters Personalising History: Wagner's Tristan and Isolde 
Dave Price Twitcher 
Ed Bennett Cartoon Music 
Finn Peters 43 
Joe Cutler Sikorski B 
Howard Skempton In Tandem 
Sean Clancy Five Minutes of Music on the Subject of Noszferatu


Kirsty Devaney Tiny Creatures in Long Grass
Patrick Ellis Scatter ‘X’
Luke Deane Star Dance
Ryan Probert Teaches Fig
Sayyid Shafiee Rahsia Ratu Kidul (Secrets of Javanese Sea’s Queen)
Andrew Poppy Liberty for the Left Hand
Ryan Latimer For René Pedlar
Riaan Vosloo Personal Growth
Bobbie-Jane Gardner Tapeworm 

One page works from composers based at birmingham conservatoire including kirsty devanay and bobbie-jane gardner.




Finn Peters, Alto Saxophone/Flute
Damien Harron, Percussion
Ivo de Greef, Piano
Percy Pursglove, Trumpet
Joel Bell, Electric Guitar

Noszferatu are a music collective founded in 2000.

The members are all established artists in their own right, working across a wide range of genres including contemporary classical, jazz, tango, pop, experimental music and theatre.

Their repertoire is radically diverse, including music by members Joe Cutler, Dave Price and Finn Peters and more than 25 new works written for the group by composers including Laurence Crane, Christopher Fox, Paul Newland, Andrew Poppy, Jonathan Powell, Emily Hall, Howard Skempton, Luke Stoneham, Paul Whitty and Frederic Rzewski, who recently wrote two pieces for the group.

Since their debut at Oxford Contemporary Music in May 2001, Noszferatu have performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Cheltenham Festival, frequently at the Warehouse, London and all over the UK.

The group has also given concerts in Italy and the Netherlands and have recorded regularly for BBC Radio 3.

Their debut CD, Drempel, was released in 2011 on NMC to critical acclaim. Recent projects include 'Double Trio' with the Schlippenbach Trio which headlined the London Jazz Festival and toured the UK.